Besides regular school, most children can benefit from after school programs, which provide an enriching and stimulating environment for them to learn and experiment more on their own terms. While some programs are geared toward interests such as coding, robotics, chess, storytelling, dance, art, etc., others provide additional academic support such as foundational skills in Math & English, writing skills, standardized test prep, and homework help. Based in Boston, ASC is an educational enrichment center that offers after school and summer programs focusing on Math, English, ISEE test prep, SAT prep, college admissions counseling and independent study skills. Their goal is to strengthen and extend the academic foundation necessary for students to thrive in all areas of school and life.

The educational enrichment center was established in 1994, serving students from Grades 1-12 from two locations in the city of Boston. Over the years, it has helped many students achieve their academic goals, whether it is improving their grades in school, achieving high scores in the SAT and ISEE, or getting acceptance to private schools and top universities. Its Math & English classes incorporates executive functioning skills that are indispensable for students to succeed academically and in life. Its writing workshops for elementary school, middle school and high school train students to express themselves logically and eloquently. The ISEE test prep course has enabled many students who aspire to attend top private schools such as Phillips Academy and Boston Latin to be accepted by the school of their dreams. ASC’s popular academic enrichment summer program is designed for students to get one step ahead by studying materials and concepts that are taught in their upcoming grade level. In addition to small classes, ASC also offers 1 to 1 private tutoring for all subjects.

The competition for after school academic programs is fierce in the Boston area. During the COVID-19 pandemic, ASC has to compete with non-local online programs as well. While the company has used digital marketing services for years and also has its own in-house marketing staff, the need for more online leads has grown. WSI is pleased that ASC has engaged our digital marketing services to help their lead generation efforts.

Specifically, WSI will implement a local SEO program to improve their rankings in Google search results. In addition, we will also run advertising campaigns in Google and Facebook, as well as implement landing pages and drip campaigns using their marketing automation platform.

WSI will redesign key pages on their website and optimize them with select keywords to attract traffic from the target audience. Calls to action will be placed strategically to take the user to a form to capture leads into the marketing automation system.  Additionally, we will publish long-form blog posts on the website to increase organic traffic using long tail keywords. Off-site links will be created by publishing blog posts that carry relevant links and syndicate them to the company’s blog on After School Learning Boston Blog, A+ Program Blog, Education Enrichment blog and Academic Enrichment Courses Blog. We will also periodically post links to the client’s website on several lifestyle blogs.

WSI will monitor the local SEO campaign results using Google Analytics and the Search Console, including website traffic, rankings, and conversions as well as internal and external links. We will also monitor the performance of the ad campaigns and drip campaigns using the marketing automation platform. Every two months, we produce a digital marketing report and meet with the client to discuss the results. With continuing efforts, we expect to achieve increasingly higher traffic and number of leads from this digital marketing program.

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